Associations 101: Association Professional Development 10 Tips in 20 Minutes
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Welcome to Associations 101!

Dave Will (Peach New Media), Scott Oser (Scott Oser Associates), and Elizabeth Weaver Engel (Spark Consulting LLC) are pleased to bring you a new webinar series, Associations 101: 10 Tips in 20 Minutes for Association Professionals.

Each FREE webinar will take place on the second Friday of the month at 1:30 pm ET.

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This was incredibly helpful (validating)! I really like the short time frame - it makes it do-able!
Cori Canty Woessner
CSCA Past-President
Colorado School Counselor Association

Great new series. I work with a small staff that, for the most part, are new to association management. I'm looking forward to using this as professional development for them and engaging in more conversation
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